Test Dates File has been Updated

The “Test Dates File” contains dates  I can not, do tests on
i.e. My car is not available

The file can be found at

refresh your screen each time you view it: to get latest version

Please check Twitter for latest updates

I update Twitter with any dates I receive while I’m out and about after this document is published,

I then transfer them to this file as soon as I can, when back at the office {can take 48hrs}.

To book your test go to :-

When booking a practical test {at the above link}, If the date you want is not on my test-dates.pdf file you can book it. You must TEXT me with the date, time and test center ASAP.  (Note: if two or more people book at the same time or date, and there is a conflict,
the 1st text I receive will get the slot. Others will need to amend their Date / Time.

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